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Video by Mufaro Kambarami

Product Design


Adding value to your design team with a focus on creativity and innovation through curiosity, analytical thinking, dedication, humor, and optimism. 


Designing entertaining games with educational purposes and consulting on game design, drawing from psychological concepts and extensive experience in the (board-/escape room-/VR-) gaming community and industry.

User Experience

Ensuring a smooth user experience through human centered designs based on professional qualitative and quantitative research.

I am a certified UX Designer.

Visual Design

Advising on attractive and intuitive (interface) design, or a captivating presentation of your product.


Tailoring the communication of your product to your target audience, assisting with promotional campaigns and marketing, ensuring diversity and inclusion.

Feel free to reach out for a nonbinding first call about your idea or product.

Have a look at my previous work.

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As graduation project from the UX Design Institute I developed a clickable desktop prototype for the fictitious airline "Fly-UX", based on extensive research.


Research - Usability Testing - Data Analysis - UX Design - Prototyping - Wireframing



For Wladimir Lesius, the creator of the Leiden city discovery app "Stadsee", I came up with a storyline, 25 puzzle ideas, and a hint system for a digital city escape game, on brand with the original app.

Research - Game Design - Story Writing


Smartphone_12_max_pro_and_two_screen_mockups copy.png

Shuffle 'n Swing

Together with Swing Dance Teacher and Game Designer Ron Smits I worked on "Shuffle 'n Swing -The pocket sized teaching and training game for Lindy Hoppers!". I advised on ways to honour the roots of Swing dance and conceptualised three distinct marketing campaigns.

Research - Game Design - Technical Writing - Marketing - Fundraising



Together with Carolin Bach, Jana Fischer, and Samantha Schwickert, a.k.a. the Spielköpfe (transl. game-heads), I brainstormed about how to expand the educational aspect of their original game, which is a beautiful pro-diversity card deck that they had created and produced in collaboration with talented artists from various backgrounds. Additionally, I conducted market research within the international (board-)game community in order to gather data for the design of a new deck.

Research - Game Design - Technical Writing


21367025 copy2.png

Amazing Activity

For the escape room and VR game company

Amaze Escape/Amaze VR I created a personalised team building game that tested the employees' knowledge of the company's products, their colleagues and common daily experiences and mishaps.

Research - Game Design - Technical Writing - Production - Presentation


Safety Game

For the company Safety Safari I assisted Experience Designer Tim Keijzers during the design and testing phase of the educational team building game now called "The Safety Game". The game aims to teach about the tricky trade-off between safety, speed, and costs of production.

Game Design - Prototyping - Usability Testing


Foto_game safety game safety safari.jpg
4 copy.png

Amazing Spies

For the escape room and VR game company

Amaze Escape Events/Amaze VR I assisted Velika Yordanova during the design of games and material for a Spy-themed team building event. 

Game Design - Technical Writing - Story Writing - Prototyping - Production - Presentation


Sustainability Escape Room

For the Erasmus University of Rotterdam I assisted Experience Designer Tim Keijzers during the design and testing phase of an educational escape room that contains a series of intellectual challenges about sustainable development, specifically focused on Sustainable Development Goal # 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Research - Game Design - Usability Testing


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