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Reaching Personal Goals

Breaking down goals into achievable steps; holding you accountable; supporting you through your downfalls and celebrating your successes.

Building Healthy Habits

Changing unwanted behaviours; creating new and healthy habits.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Calming down your mind; accepting and understanding uncomfortable thoughts; learning to master your thought patterns and to believe in yourself.

Understandig & Managing Emotions

Increasing Emotional Intelligence by improving personal and social competences, such as self-awareness and self-management, and social awareness and relationship management.

Improving Relationships

Analysing and improving your functioning in social interactions  (family, friendships, partnerships, and group settings).

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Reflecting on progress; confirming goals that were reached; creating a new plan of action which can help you going forward, with or without your coach.

Intake Interview

Getting to know each other; verbalizing questions and problems; setting goals; creating a plan of action.

5-8 Personal Coaching Sessions

Providing personal background information; receiving relevant scientific and psychological insights; receiving and implementing personalized (homework) exercises, to ensure long-term success.

Call to Action

Confirming or Declining Coach-Client Relationship within 48 hours after the intake interview.






Life Coaching

Offerincl. VAT

Intake Interview

36,30 € / 45 minutes

1-on-1 Coaching

Online self-improvement coaching sessions, personalized according to your needs and interests.

72,60 € / 75 minutes

1-on-1 Workshop

Online workshops intended for anyone who is looking for a time-effective and intensive coaching experience including tools for independent continuation.


254,10 € / 3,5 hours


Online self-improvement coaching or workshops for two people.

Sharing this experience and having somebody besides your coach to keep you accountable can be extremely motivating. Keep in mind however, that both the conversation, provided background information, and excersises may be less personalized than during a 1-on-1  session.


Contact me for options. 

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