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Fiona Hübner

The Creative Psychologist


Professional Diploma in UX Design,

UX Design Institute '21;


MSc Social & Organisational Psychology,

Leiden University, '17;

Diploma in Sport Psychology,

Leiden University, '16;

BSc Psychology,

Leiden University, '16.

Fluent in English, German, and Dutch.

Work Experience

User Researcher and Business Coach,

at Ubisoft, Düsseldorf;

Game Designer

internal and external projects,

at Amaze Escape Events, Den Haag;

Game Host and Business Coach,

at Amaze Escape Events and

Amaze VR, Den Haag;

Team Training Assistant,

at Windshift, Haarlem.

Creative Psi Solutions

Re-branding to Creative Psi Solutions,

in 2021, offering creative solutions based on psychology to individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs;

Offically launching my own company under the name of your call, in 2020, offering personal coaching, game design and design consultation;

Working with the first personal coaching clients on freelance basis, in 2019.


Scientific research and real life experience clearly showed that pretend play does not only work for children. 


I have witnessed the positive effects of playtime countless times and have found true joy and fulfillment in applying my academic skillset and life-long passion for tabletop games to the development and design of interactive, stimulating, and colorful (learning) experiences.

How I ensure authentic, personal, and valuable work

Regularly picking up new hobbies and practicing self improvement and behavioural change according to my own concepts.

Engaging in conversations with people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups, taking language courses, and traveling to new countries yearly.

Keeping up with the current (board-) game market, meeting with other game designers, test playing new games, and analysing the effects of (interactive) art and the underlying psychology.

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