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Creative Psi Solutions


Life Coaching

(Online) Coaching in essential life skills that weren't taught in school.


Topics: Setting and reaching goals, mastering thoughts, increasing social and emotional understanding, and improving relationships.

Business Coaching


Coaching individuals and teams in optimising their performance through utilizing individual strengths, building healthy habits and creating a motivating work environment.

Analysing team dynamics through a

gaming experience.

Product Design


Professional, psychological consultation for product developers on visual design, communication and user experience.


Game design for various purposes, such as entertainment, team building and education.

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Fiona Hübner

The Creative Psychologist


Fiona's coaching style was educational, collaborative, and motivational. Fiona listened to my opinions and experiences, and the personalised exercises she included matched my goals. Overall, the coaching program focused on what I needed. 

Fiona provided simple concepts and exercises and I wasn't overwhelmed with information or homework.

- Life Coaching Client (she/her), Teacher



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